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Hey sharedcontrol!

I had a lot of fun scratching my head but I finished this one with a little bit to spare! you can watch me play through here (that should link to the timestamp but if it doesn't you can go to YT and click through the description):

There's some thoughts as I play through that may be helpful but overall I really enjoyed it. Thanks for a great game, I had a lot of fun playing it. :)
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Thanks a lot for playing and sharing the video!

Cool to see that you got the hang of it so quickly, well played.

Adding an "Undo Turn" button was definetly on my mind while making the game, but i couldn't quite do it in time for the jam.

Thanks again for playing and giving feedback!

hi! i'm trying to run this game on my MacBook Pro, but the only executable(s) was one with a .exe extention. Mac cannot run that. :( is there any hope that this may get fixed at some point?

My bad!

I just uploaded a Mac version. I can't really test it now, but if you run into any issues just leave another message!

Thanks for the heads up.

its great but really hard

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Thanks for playing and posting the video!

I know the game doesn't do a great job explaining it but you can select a Rebel and Tip him so he moves to a neighbor building once per turn by using the TIP stamp.

I also feel that the game is a bit too hard, i'll try to make a quick update to tweak the number of letters per day, and avoid rebels to spawn to close to each other. I'll try to update it tonight.

Again, thanks for playing it!


Game Updated!

thanks for the info. will give a try to updated version :D